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Each of the regional forums provides Boat Ramp locations and ratings. You can find Guides and Charters for fishing or touring. There many fishing Clubs & Associations and Marine Services who can find you a boat, repair yours, or provide annual or overnight mooring.

Our Spoonpullers site is also home to Great Ontario Salmon Derby daily reporting. Find out who is catching what and where

Lake Ontario Trolling

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Lake Nipigon the 6th Great Lake

You know you have been somewhere special when all you think about is wanting to go back. It all started when Bob Izumi and family asked me to join them to produce a speckled trout show on Lake Nipigon. It is hard to believe that neither one of us had ever been there this incredible 6th Great Lake that is on the bucket list of so many anglers. More often than not they never get there. Home to the world record speckled trout, 40+ pound Lake Trout, monster Pike, and … Continue reading

Eyes on Picton

Picton Harbor

The calm before the storm as Picton Harbor gets ready for the Fall Brawl of trophy walleye hunters. As the last of the colours leave the trees in  Prince Edward County and all over Ontario  boats are being winterized for storage, the  diehard walleye anglers are just getting ready  for the return of Bay of Quinte trophy  walleye.  The post spawn giants head to the  main lake for  the summer to feed on alewives  and other  forage then return to the outer  reaches of the  bay starting in late October. … Continue reading

Love of Perch – part 2


Love of Perch continues…. From late fall, when the water is still open through the early first ice stage, catching is relatively easy once you find them. But when winter ice is well establish things get a little tougher. There is still plenty of fish and if size doesn’t matter you still find them just about anywhere. But this is the time the experts shine, both in location, tackle and technique. Winter perching can be thought of in three major stages, first ice, mid- winter, and last ice. All have … Continue reading

Love of Perch – part 1


When someone tells a fishing story it usually starts with an animated explanation of how the brute came unbuttoned and got away. Feet and pounds are normally in the story along with jumping, clearing water, or some other erratic violent action. But the No.1 targeted fish here in Ontario next to walleye is yellow perch and it’s hard to find adjectives to embellish perch fishing stories even for Ontario anglers who are some of the best story tellers in the world. You can’t say it broke your line, or threw … Continue reading

Lake Trout Stages of Aggression

Lake Trout

 by John Whyte  By nature Lake Trout are very aggressive and feed 12 months of the year. With the help of technology an ice angler can learn as much or more about trout than they could fishing in open water. Sonar or fish finder technology has come a long way over the last decade and has become an intricate part of an ice anglers ability to find and catch fish. With enough hands on or eyes on experience the angler can learn the characteristics and moods of fish and their … Continue reading

Bob Formosa and Jayson Saliba win Fourth Simcoe Open

October 20,2012 Once again the final major bass tournament of the year, the Bass Pro Shop Lake Simcoe Open hosted by the Aurora Bassmaster, launched out of the Port of Orillia on October 20th. Every year the best of the best show up for the most unpredictable event of the year and capture one of the most prestigious titles in fishing. Every team wants to have their name carved on the trophy that has become the symbol of the most prolific smallmouth trophy lake in the country, Lake Simcoe.  This … Continue reading